Positioning a tech firm for success in the digital space.
FEES Limited

Positioning a tech firm for success in the digital space.

Brand Identity Design, Web Design, Growth Strategy


FEES Limited is a technology company that provides Software, Infrastructure and Services to help Business Drivers make fast and informed decisions for sustainable Business success. They partner with our customers to deliver improved business performance through the right application of technology.

Problem Statement

Given the (not so recent) change in the digital space, FEES was looking to re position their brand to thrive in the new digital era. Given that they've been on business for over 20 years, they felt that their identity and positioning needed to be refreshed. They also needed a system to help them become relevant and stay relevant in the digital space.

First the identity.

They wanted their logo to feel modern and a little more simple than their former logo. We love to work with keywords when creating visual identities, so this time the keywords we used were, Simple, Modern, Unique. With these keywords we created over 20 concepts which included, word marks, icons and hybrids (both word mark and icon). The many explorations were then filtered down to 2 which were presented to the client.

The two presentations feature a logo lockup with different sans serif fonts, one very bold and the other one very thin. They decided to go with the lockup with the slightly edited thin font.

The idea for the icon was to create something that lives within the context of the brand.

The context of the brand is that they sell multiple products and they wanted the identity to be slightly different on each product but still communicate the fact that each product belongs to the same brand.

So we chose the icon because it's very simple and in out opinion easily adaptable to the brand context. Here are some pictures of the logo in context

Winning in the digital space

With a new positioning comes a new way of doing things

Now that FEES has re positioned itself, they needed a system for generating leads from the web. This means that they needed to become really relevant online. This meant that they had to have a more engaging website, and to execute a great inbound strategy.

We then went ahead to create a website that is a lot more engaging visually that what the had at the time. The website showcased their products, their clients and other information about their firm.

Click on the picture to view live website.