Brand Identity For Women's Fashion
Hariike Styles

Brand Identity For Women's Fashion

Brand Identity Design, Brand strategy


Hariike Styles is a fashion design outfit in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. They create premium custom garments for women.

Problem Statement

They wanted to increase their income as a business. After we met with them, we decided that the best move is to re position the brand as a premium brand. Our job was to create an identity that embodies a premium brand and a brand that resonates well with working class women who have high tastes in fashion.

First the logo.

We wanted to create a logo that embodies the following keywords, Bold, Feminine, Premium. After a lot of brainstorming and planning we decided to go for a wordmark. A word mark that embodies all three keywords.

The designs were inspired by "little black dress", created by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel. Very simple and elegant, something that makes you look confident and stylish. We went through many design explorations for the logo and then through a filtering process we came down to three slightly different variations of the logo which we presented to the client.

Each of these explorations features a word mark that's bold, and curvy to represents a feminine brand. Each one also simple because we believe that there's something elegant about simplicity.

The client decided to go with the logo below

Now for some context...

What colors are we going to choose? The answer to this was guided in a large part by the result of the discussion we'd had with the client earlier in the engagement.

We chose two keywords "FEMININE" and "PREMIUM". This guided our exploration of colors. After our exploration we curated the color scheme below.

We also chose to have a pattern that exudes the essence of the brand. After some exploration we came up with the pretty pattern below.

The identity in real life...